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London Calling

London Calling!

Pole Position will attend the London Ski show for the first time. We are psyched to the preseason show and hope to meet new and old friends. If your there come find us at booth 626 – we sure got some new stuff to show you.

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Virtual Reality here we come

At London Ski Show 27-30 Oct 2016 Pole Position Sport of Sweden will launch a Demo for the Virtual Reality Ski App.

Pole Position Sport started to collaborate with Virtual Reality about 2 years ago and it’s amazing what you learn. We have no the first App ready for demo where you can experience a full immersive content for learning. Read More

We will offer our virtual reality services to ski schools, ski resorts and outdoor companies. Its very easy for us with our framework to help mountain business with this amazing experience. More information will follow.

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Waterskiing in Wengen and powderalert in Chamonix

We visited our Swiss agent Alex Mayenfish and his friends in Wengen earlier this year to demo our how-to-ski-product. Wengen that is a train ride up the mountain in a beautiful and famous mountain range – with Grindewald at the one corner with the north wall of Eiger beside the Jungfrau Mountain and famous Murren on the other side. You can really feel history in every turn around the mountain. Alex showed us the Lauberhornrennen that are really the essence of downhill and a jump that is so much bigger than on TV. Check out this headcam ride.

At the end of the day (it was end-of-season-day) I dared Alex to go through the pool…i regretfully chickened out but Alex entered…well, you can see for yourself.

Did you know that the richest guy in Wengen owns a waterfall?

We made new friends in France and visited with ESF and Jean-Marc Claude in La Clusaz close to Annecy. La Clusaz, home of Candide Thovex and former Mogul Champion Edgard Grospiron, is somewhat of the perfect resort. Not to big, not small, not expensive and still high enough to get good snow and all the terrain you want in a resort. Jean-Marc also runs ski-mojo, what a great invention which we got to try, Jean Marc is now also is an agent for Pole Position. Thanks for the hospitality Jean-Marc.

On our way to Scandinavia we by accident got a powder alert. We stayed for 3 days in Chamonix – this classic resort is amazing with fresh snow, happens a few times a season. Took about 1,5 hour to dig out the car.

Next stop Hemsedal Norway, largest ski resort in Scandinavia. We met with Bernt Blankholm who also runs Surefoot in Oslo and is an ambassador for CMH Heli-skiing in Canada. Hemsedal Winter games (former Donald Duck) are the end of season ski racing get-to-gether in Norway and Bernt did demo for the trainers.

We are sure looking forward to 2017 season.

Lauberhorn Village, me and my wife also had time to visit Cervina and Zermatt, great resorts, super weather. Wanted to buy the single malt, but i guess the Macallen would be a bit pricy after 63 years.

If you ever skied Grand Montets in a meter of snow you know what we mean.

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Soll das Skifahren sein, Christian?

Ex-Bachelorette-Kandidat in den Schweizer Bergen

Soll das Skifahren sein, Christian?

Christian Rauch stand zum allerersten Mal in seinem Leben auf den Skiern. Der Tag fing mit «Stämmböglen» und Umfallen an und endete immerhin mit der Lauberhorn-Abfahrt.

Christian Rauch, 32, der Gewinner der Bachelorette-Staffel 2015, wird immer mehr zum Schweizer. Nach seinem Umzug von Berlin nach Zürich versucht er sich jetzt im Skifahren. Einen Tag lang verbrachte er im Berner Oberland und hatte einen persönlichen Skilehrer zur Verfügung – und der brauchte viel Geduld.

«Am Anfang war alles sehr verkrampft und nicht sehr elegant. Die Skier gingen immer in völlig unterschiedliche Richtungen auseinander», erzählt Christian SI online. Ein weiteres Problem: «Wenn ich hingefallen war, konnte ich nicht mehr aufstehen.»

Immerhin hatte Skilehrer Alex seinen Spass. «Der hatte richtig was zu lachen mit mir. Immer wenn es mir zu schnell wurde, liess ich mich einfach fallen, da ich nicht bremsen konnte», sagt Christian.

Doch der Berliner gab nicht auf. Am Ende wagte er sich sogar an die Lauberhorn-Abfahrt. «Man sieht immer noch, dass ich Anfänger bin, aber ich kam die schwarze Piste in einem Stück runter.»

«Zum Flirten war keine Zeit»

Rauch ist nach dem Skitag zwar noch ganz, doch sein Körper ist übersät mit blauen Flecken. «Ich habe überall Muskelkater», jammert er. Aber er hat auch Blut geleckt. Am kommenden Wochenende will er gleich nochmals auf die Bretter steigen. Und: «Ich habe mal gegoogelt, was so eine Ausrüstung kostet.»

Wenn der Bachelorette-Kandidat ein bisschen mehr Übung hat, kann er auch Ausschau nach einem Schneehäsli halten. «Zum Flirten war keine Zeit und ich sah auch nicht sehr attraktiv aus. Ich war völlig verschwitzt.» Christian, der seit kurzem in der Stadt Zürich wohnt, will sich ohnehin erstmal auf die Arbeit konzentrieren. Er arbeitet bei der Modekette PKZ und ist dort noch in der Probezeit. «Ich date momentan nicht. Aber wenn ich die Probezeit überstanden habe und richtig in die Schweiz ziehen kann, nehme ich das in Angriff.»

Zum Glück hat er hier in der Schweiz schon ein paar Kumpels, mit denen er dann um die Häuser ziehen kann. «Ich habe noch Kontakt zu den anderen Kandidaten. Emanuel war erst neulich bei mir zu Hause», erzählt er. Zu Frieda Hodel hat er aber keinen Kontakt mehr. «Und das ist auch gut so.»

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The Swedish “Sega Råtta” – a success at ISPO Munich 2016

The Swedish “Sega Råtta” – a success at ISPO

ISPO is the largest tradeshow within the ski industry with 80.000 visitors and 2500 exhibitors, which take place in Germany Munich every year in end of January or beginning of February. Pole Position had for the first time a stand between the two giant halls A4 and A5, which had “big brand neighbors”. If you are new to Pole Position we are among the smallest ski company on the planet.

The first two days visitors tasted our 10 kilos of Swedish candy and we had approx. 800 visitors in our booth, which is quite a success. There is a genuine interest of how to ski products and this is a great venue to discuss and meet new people. Summed up we now have new friends and agents in Austria, Swiss, France, Spain, Germany, Holland, Poland, UK and Norway. The coming season will be a great for our mission to develop truly how to ski products and you already sign up to visit us at ISPO between 5-8 February 2017.

Thanks for helping out Bengt Lundberg, Dan Eriksson, Sven Kolar and Horst Reinel.



Bengt Lundberg, Mountain Guide and agent for Pole Position in Austria showing our ski poles and training strap for skiers.



Over 800 visitors at our booth in Munich – the interest for how to ski products are growing.




Best Schnitzel in Munich you will find at Steinheil, Steinheilstraße 16, 80333 München, Tyskland

Here is some other videoclips from Brand new at ISPO Munich, München, Deutschland







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Ski Training Strap features at Interski 2015



Pole Position conducted a partnership and workshop collaboration together with Dutch Interskiteam in Argentine (September) 2015. The Workshops gave top-instructors and Demoteam from all over the world a chance to try the biomechanical training aid.

The workshop including: Creating awareness of core stability during skiing with different exercises with and without training tools.

Demonstration of training tools into a teaching program was one of the most important workshops. Core stability is one of the biggest problems that can be solved much faster when involving training aid that also gives a great visual support.

This workshop in Argentine concludes a milestone for a niche company like Pole Position Sport after 5 year long introduction period.

– Our training strap is finally making its way and it’s interesting to see experienced skiers who really tried everything changingtheir views from skeptical to useful. That is truly a receipt of what we do says Pelle Stenbäck founder of Pole Position.

















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ISO Kinetic now hitting the first stores

Swedish brand Pole Position is now launching next generation of ski poles with adjustable baskets where the skiers can customize the center of the weight. The Ski Poles are a quality alternative to the massproduction of rods that actually makes a difference on slope.

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Together with Sport Factory Wagrain and Atomic Skis Pole Position had a Demo Day with the training strap in a sunny Wagrain in the end of February.

– It´s always nice to see the first reaction of a tourist trying the training strap for the very first time says Sven Kolar of Blue & Yellow Ski school Flachau. Many thanks to Sportfactory, Blue and Yellow and Bengt Lundberg.

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White start for SBSSV

White start for Salzburger Berufsschilehrer Verband – SBSSV

Salzburg Federation is starting their education for new instructors this upcoming weekend on glaciers around Salzburg. SBSSV is the second largest federation (of nine) in Austria including approx. 150 ski schools and over 6000 instructors.

The Pole Position is proud to be partner of the instructor programs for the second year. Many exercises consists of changing behaviors whereas the skitrainer truly makes a difference.

New courses and upcoming events you will find at


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ISO-Kinetic Ski Poles in Ski Trade Magazine and at ISPO

Want to race faster?

Swedish ski pole brand Pole Position has developed a new product aimed specifically at slalom ski racers. The basic principle relies on adding a small, specially developed, weight to the end of the ski pole, which builds more power to the turns. Owner Pelle Stenbäck launched the product at ISPO, and told us, “The Iso-Kinetic works by adding weight inserts to the tip of the poles, so you will increase your turning power up to 50%, and the ski-plane will become more responsive through this new feel and experience.” Some slalom racers are already using the device within their training programmes, and initial results are positive, although at this time it’s not allowed in World Cup races under FIS regulations.

Robert Steward, Skitrade Magazine







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