He had an incurable case of involuntary arm-waving.

Bavarian Ski School review Pole Position
February 12, 2011
Pole Position is taking an educational approach to the alpine sport industry
April 17, 2011


Last weekend of January we were in Courmayeur for a couple of days of skiing. We were all psyched for good food, soft skiing and the Italian way life with antipasti, prime, secondi, grappa and cappuccino de lux in our mind. But we also had a mission – to make Courmayuer the first ski resort in Italy to use Pole Position.

After a couple of phrases in English-Italien and advanced sign language we got to meet with the head of the Ski School, Paolo Broglio. We did not have to explain anything; he understood in an instant the how’s and the why’s just by looking and then he smiled. After a couple runs with Paolo – he was thrilled and just as excited as us about the simplicity and geniality of the Pole Position.

Paolo, now equipped with his new toy, wanted use it on a customer to the school right away – a person who apparently had an incurable case of involuntary arm-waving. He thought that would be a good test.

We are certain that he managed to fix the customers arm-problem and Maestro di Ski Monte Bianco is now the first Italian ski school to become a part of the Pole Position program – but I will not be the last.

Ciao // Louise Wandel and Miranda Ericsson

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