Ski Training Strap features at Interski 2015

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November 23, 2015
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Pole Position conducted a partnership and workshop collaboration together with Dutch Interskiteam in Argentine (September) 2015. The Workshops gave top-instructors and Demoteam from all over the world a chance to try the biomechanical training aid.

The workshop including: Creating awareness of core stability during skiing with different exercises with and without training tools.

Demonstration of training tools into a teaching program was one of the most important workshops. Core stability is one of the biggest problems that can be solved much faster when involving training aid that also gives a great visual support.

This workshop in Argentine concludes a milestone for a niche company like Pole Position Sport after 5 year long introduction period.

– Our training strap is finally making its way and it’s interesting to see experienced skiers who really tried everything changingtheir views from skeptical to useful. That is truly a receipt of what we do says Pelle Stenbäck founder of Pole Position.

















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