ISO-Kinetic Ski Poles in Ski Trade Magazine and at ISPO

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October 2, 2013
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October 2, 2014

Want to race faster?

Swedish ski pole brand Pole Position has developed a new product aimed specifically at slalom ski racers. The basic principle relies on adding a small, specially developed, weight to the end of the ski pole, which builds more power to the turns. Owner Pelle Stenbäck launched the product at ISPO, and told us, “The Iso-Kinetic works by adding weight inserts to the tip of the poles, so you will increase your turning power up to 50%, and the ski-plane will become more responsive through this new feel and experience.” Some slalom racers are already using the device within their training programmes, and initial results are positive, although at this time it’s not allowed in World Cup races under FIS regulations.

Robert Steward, Skitrade Magazine







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