The Ski Poles

The ISO-Kinetic Ski Poles is equipped with all the best features of premium ski pole with world cup components. Precision balanced with same aluminum used for space travel. Adjustable straps and a classic firm race grip in combination give the skier the preferred hand fit. Best durable tip and aluminum screw-on-basket to seal the design. Limited availability.  Aluminum 7075 high strength sticks – Classic Racegrip for better control – Weight 420 grams / pair – Adjustable Velcrostrap for perfect fitting – Worlds first aluminum screw-on-baskets –

Training baskets for skiers – Intensify Ski Training

Screw on, screw off, mix weights for ultimate upper body balance within seconds. Get faster turns and more power – the possibilities are endless. Fits Pole Position ISO-Kinetic Ski Poles and ski poles with screw-on-system.


+ Intensify ski training

+ Balance upper body – control your strong and weak side

+ Increased torque and powerturns

+ Strong, calm upper body

+ Extend outward balance axis for precision turns

+ Generate extra power for SKIRACERS and fastgoers



Racing with ISO-Kinetic Ski Poles?

Over-rotation is the enemy of any racer. But when controlling the force it can be you next friend. Especially on the flats where the extra power of the weights increases the swing mass and the body substitute a variable torque to improve both timing and accuracy within the slalom gates. In other alpine or speed disciplines, racers will receive a much more controlled stability and can focus more on task ahead.

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