Pole Position 900
February 1, 2019

Pole Position 750


Pole Position is a practical training strap for skiers used by Ski Schools, Ski Coaches, Guides and individuals who is seeking to improve their skiing.

Pole Position ist ein praktischer Trainingsgurt für Skifahrer, der von Skischulen, Skitrainern, Guides und Personen genutzt wird, die ihr Skifahren verbessern möchten.


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The stretchfunction, pull and release, makes you aware of any rotation both as a skier and an interested coach watching from down the hill. The “wrong” is easier to detect which makes fin tuning of entry of turn and release of the turn quicker. The 750 stretches approx. 15% of when pulled full and suites juniors and adults up to 170 cm in height.

Made with nylon combined with stretch makes this product comes to a stop when maxed out. This feature is useful for upper body tension and comparison with angles toward the hill.


Use on ski slope for:

Alpine basic turn

Train entry into the turn and release of the turn

Racetraining, with stubbies or gates

Correct upper body rotation

Arm/Hand problems

Visual Queue

Body Calibration

Easy to carry in jacket or back for on-the-fly-drills – ideal for implement theory into real action in seconds. Quick set up, creates awareness and fun for any group.

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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 5 cm
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