Picture to left: Daniel Yule Swiss Ski training with Pole Position 900 (also film below, courtesy of Didier Plachy Swiss Ski)

A problem solver for the ski racing community.

The alpine racing community use the flex strap as a problem solver to help correct bad habits of rotating shoulders. The pros also use Pole Position to get more power from their hips – increasing the downward force for faster, more balanced competitive skiing.

Pole Position is used as a practice tool across the board in every discipline from slalom to ski-cross. Each team, club, or racer implement the flex strap slightly different, the key training segments in which Pole Position is as follows.


Top Features for Racers

Counter Rotations – Pole Position puts an end to excessive inner shoulder down-dips as the flex strap enforces a level shoulder-axis. It prevents redundant shoulder movements and by such creates more rhythmic turns and a more connected posture.

Parallel Hips – keeping the flex strap parallel to the hips will improve hip control, enabling much quicker weight shifts, which will exert a greater downward force, generating faster skiing.

Upper Body Tension – Pole Position will make your muscles sore! One of its functions is to be used for core strengthening exercises where skiers ski with the strap fully stretched for longer periods of time – working the vital muscle groups in arms and torso.

Maintaining Base Position – Pole Position assist racers in maintaining the base position throughout the run – minimizing mistakes, enforcing posture, and building muscle memory for the basics.

Visual Focus – Pole Position’s bright-orange color draws the attention of both riders and coaches. Racers notice an increased focus and a heightened awareness of the exercise in session and coaches have an easier task to assess and correct the riders’ postures.

“We received positive feedback from our team with improved upper body stability. Pole Position kept our racers from leaning into the turn.

Werner Zurbuchen, Swiss EC-team Men”



When should I train with Pole Position? Connected skiing is used with most racers during warm-up runs or when to solve a specific problem. Training with Pole Position is also a good in-between practice exercise.

Can I use Pole Position in gates? Yes, you can use the Pole Position when training with stubbies or with gates in GS, Super-G or even Slalom.

What model should I use? Rule of thumb, use the 750 if you are shorter than 170 cm and the 900 if you are taller.

Any questions or suggestions for improvement, please e-mail us! Thanks.

Example of Training, Courtesy from Dider Plaschy Zermatt Switzerland


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