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Welcome to Pole Position Skishop.

All our prices are in Euro and the Training Straps we ship worldwide. The Ski Poles we only ship in Europe since we do not stock it anywhere else. What model should I use? Rule of thumb: use the 750 if you are shorter than 170 cm and the 900 if you are taller. Please allow up to 5 -10 days for global delivery.

When To Use Pole Position?

  • Use it for warm-up runs before your next back country adventure to fine tune your stance
  • To calibrate your upper body during your first runs of the day
  • To solve an arm or body position problem (that you have a hard time admitting you have)
  • To improve basics like how to keep arms in front of your body when practicing fall-line exercises
  • Pro training for alpine racers
  • Ski instructor programs

How to Attach Pole Position in 30 seconds from Pole Position Sport on Vimeo.


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