Pole Position review on ski-TV
March 14, 2010
a Ski Instructor from Kitzbühel
October 28, 2010

September 10, 2010 05:09

Just across a field of tulips on the Zeeland Avenue, Snowbase is located just by the ocean in the beautiful Dutch town of Terneuzen by the Belgium border. The weather is always sunny, minus 4 Celsius and great conditions.

Snowbase has an amazing varity of possibilities from fun park, snowboarding, camps and ski training in all levels to ski club training, all year around.

Werner Rammeloo, General Manager of Snowbase together with Diego Van de Vorden whom is Snowbase new Head Instructor are launching an indoor Pole Position Program for clinics and special training. Indoor training is special; since you only have a limited space to work with. It makes everything even more challenging than in “reality” – especially to achieve good speed to make good turns.

We are really excited over how this indoor adventure will progress and we are planning to stop by this Channel town to see for ourselves, to be continued…

Cheers guys!

Visit Snowbase website by clicking here


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